About YEF

  • Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a group of young entrepreneurs who have come together to help promote the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the upcoming and young individuals of the country. The members of YEF themselves are young entrepreneurs who have either started their own businesses or have successfully contributed to already existing businesses. Having gone through the experience of starting innovative new businesses we feel the potent message of entrepreneurship needs to be brought to the fore. Our goal is to help potential entrepreneurs of the future through technical assistance, mentoring and capacity building, and make it easier for them by learning from our experiences. 

    Up till now the YEF has conducted various activities and started several initiatives to introduce and promote the entrepreneurship spirit. Some of these include the setting up of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, conducting workshops, holding business plan competitions, and even philanthropic works. In recognition of the useful work done by the YEF, in 2009, we were awarded the Jinnah Youth Award: the highest award for the youth by the Government of Pakistan.




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