Mr. Yassar Sakhi Butt, President ICCI

  • Written by admin
  • March 17, 2012 at 2:45 pm
  • I congratulate the Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry for organizing “Youth Entrepreneurship Conference” on the theme of “Inspiring a new wave of entrepreneurship” to encourage young entrepreneurs in the country.

    You all know that in today’s rapidly globalizing world, the promotion of entrepreneurship has attracted greater attention of policy makers and think thanks as an important source of job creation, financial empowerment and economic dynamism because youth entrepreneurship promotes innovation and creativity, encourages young people to generate new ideas & find innovative solutions of problems as well as play an active role in the economic development.

    However, despite its crucial role for the economy, there has been no systematic attempt in our country to look at entrepreneurship from a youth angle. The tendency has been either to include the youth into the general adult population or to ignore their efforts aimed at forging a livelihood through enterprise activities. The result of this approach is that potential benefits of youth entrepreneurship for improving livelihoods, expanding economy and promoting jobs have not been fully realized as yet.

    Moreover, we have a burgeoning young population. But in the prevailing circumstances, jobs are shrinking, university graduates are not being paid according to their potential while government cannot provide jobs to all.  This situation creates frustration amongst our youth.  Therefore, the need of the hour is that we should encourage and facilitate our youth to opt entrepreneurship. This way, they will not only improve their lives, they will provide jobs to others as well.

    We are hopeful that the Youth Entrepreneurship Conference would provide a good platform for sharing ideas on encouraging sustainable economic growth in Pakistan through entrepreneurship development. We hope that the conference would focus on key issues of developing a progressive and enabling environment for young entrepreneurs and the role of public and private sectors in facilitating the entrepreneurs.

    Let me also acknowledge here that Mr.Shaban Khalid, Chairman of Young Entrepreneurs Forum of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has played a very instrumental role in promoting entrepreneurship development activities from the platform of YEF. Few months ago, YEF has celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week for the first time in the history of Pakistan engaging youth, academia, US Embassy, CIPE and PASHA. At this occasion, important issues and challenges confronting the entrepreneurship came under discussion on the basis of which, YEF of ICCI has taken the initiative of organizing Youth Entrepreneurship Conference.

    I look forward that the Conference would have a very positive outcome and great impact on the development of entrepreneurship culture, especially in the youth that desperately needs strong motivation and encouragement to jump into entrepreneurial world to realize its full potential and help Pakistan in achieving better economic growth.