Zafar Khan, CEO Sofizar

  • Zafar Khan founded Sofizar in 2004 and had been its CEO since its inception. Sofizar is a Business-to-Consumer internet marketing firm based out of Lahore, Pakistan with all its Consumer clients in North America and Europe. Sofizar does over $20 MM in sales and was the winner of the first MIT Business Acceleration plan and has 3 MIT professors on its board. Sofizar is also ranked #6 in Harvar/Allworld ranking of Pakistan-25 from year 2007-2009 and is part of Asia-500.

    Before founding Sofizar, Mr. Khan was CTO of PrimeDTV Inc. an Anaheim California and Shanghai based startup. He developed various ATSC based products for Chinese broadcasters and television manufactures.

    Previous to that, he worked at Gemstar Inc and its various acquisitions in Pasadena, Boston and Hong Kong. Mr. Khan also was a design engineer at Avalon Computer Systems, a high performance computing startup.

    Mr. Khan was awarded two USA and International consumer electronics advertising patents. He recieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology in 1992.

    In addition to Sofizar, he enjoys working on his 50 acre “sustainable” farm, successfully generating power through cow manure/biogas and has implemented an innovative farm produce delivery model to the community. He speaks Mandarin, some Ukrainian and lives in Lahore with his family.


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