U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter

  • Written by admin
  • March 17, 2012 at 2:49 pm
  • Entrepreneurship starts with one person having the courage to believe in him or herself, coming up with a new idea, and then bravely sticking with that idea.  It takes courage to understand that failure paves the long road to success, and that it might require many ideas, and many attempts, before a concept finally becomes reality.  Courage is essential to believing your product or service can make the world a better place, and that it is worthwhile for you to invest your time to create and develop your business.  In today’s world, where too many individuals choose violence or corruption as a response to problems, it takes great courage for men and women to instead choose to create value, and benefit their society, through business.

    During my time here in Pakistan, I have met many courageous Pakistani entrepreneurs.  Many of them now enjoy great commercial success, which is proof that these challenges can be faced and overcome.  There are also plenty of entrepreneurs who are in the process of innovating, and are responding to the obstacles they encounter by reaching out to other entrepreneurs, building a community, and working together to create a business environment that will foster innovation.  Some of Pakistan’s future leaders are just starting to develop their ideas and are taking advantage of social media and networking opportunities in Pakistani universities to start their own businesses and connect with other businesses across the globe.

    Entrepreneurship is inherently linked to freedom, and this is why the United States stands together with Pakistani entrepreneurs.  Freedom of thought and movement is essential to innovation.  So is freedom of the press.  A free press is essential for sharing stories that highlight Pakistan’s entrepreneurial successes.  Entrepreneurship thrives in peace, and peace thrives when there is vibrant economic growth.  Like Pakistani entrepreneurs, the United States firmly believes in Pakistan’s future.  We recognize the difficulties of today, but are convinced that if we work together and stay committed to our goals, Pakistan has a very bright future.  The United States is and will remain committed to promoting Pakistani entrepreneurship and building a prosperous Pakistan.