YEC Team

  • Contribution Name Organization
    Advisor to YEF ICCI Ambassador Shahid Kamal Former Ambassador of Pakistan to the Federal Republic of Germany
    -Advisor to COMSTECH Science, Technology & Innovation Organization
    -Advisor to Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Institute for Business Administration, Karachi
    -Member of Advisory Group on Climate Change of East West Institute, Brussels
    -Member Advisory Group at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Telecommunications at COMSATS, Islamabad
    Team 1: Equipment, Networks & IT including Website
    M.Rohail ICCI
    Mahmood Ellahi ICCI
    Team 2: Food & Catering
    Asad Farid ICCI
    TEAM 3: Logistics
    Rafat Farid ICCI
    Imran Sadiq ICCI
    Omar Rafiq ICCI
    TEAM 4: Ushers & Registration Desk
    TEAM 5: Invitations
    Shaban Khalid ICCI
    Saima Majeed ICCI
    Gul e Afshan US Embassy
    TEAM 6: Media
    Ayla Majid ICCI
    TEAM 7: Pre-Conference Survey & Showcasing Potential Entrepreneurs
    Najma Akbar Independent Consultant / UN
    TEAM 8: Stalls
    Shaban Khalid ICCI
    TEAM 9: Partners and Sponsors
    Ayla Majid ICCI
    Shaban Khalid ICCI
    Team 10: Social Media
    Adnan Shahid Branding Bees
    Timothy Receveur US Embassy
    Mahmood Elahi ICCI
    Jimmy Mauldin US Embassy
    Sunil Ravi US Embassy
    Majid Shabbir ICCI
    Ayla Majid ICCI
    Shaban Khalid ICCI



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